Judging Panel & Mentors

We've assembled an expert judging panel to decide which teams are ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAMME:

Judge - Ellen.jpg

Ellen Jurik

Ellen is a Game (Narrative) Designer and Producer at Blowfish Studios in Sydney. Previously she was Producer for Ice Age Adventures at Gameloft Auckland, and Content Designer-turned-Producer at Interzone Games in Perth.

Judge - Steve.jpg

Steve Blackburn

Steve spent 14 years with Microsoft building the market for the Xbox. He is now the Managing Director of Mediocre Astronauts and stays connected with the gaming world. 

Judge - Jason.jpg

Jason Spiller

Jason is hugely passionate about the gaming industry, having had lengthy tenures with both EBGames and Microsoft, he is now with HP, focusing on their eSports and Gaming Hardware division. 

Judge - Shaveer.jpg

Shaveer Mirpuri

Shaveer is the CEO of Goat Ventures, and sits on the Board of Rush Digital. Goat Ventures has invested in IOT, VR/AR, AI, computer vision, online marketplaces, and data/analytics. Previously at Wooga, a mobile-first game development company in Germany.