Ragequit's SRC accepted as finalist for SXSW

A big congratulations to Ragequit Studios and their selection for the South by Southwest Game Pitch Competition - a unique chance to pitch their games or projects to gaming industry veterans and experts, and receive well-detailed critiques on where to take things moving forward.

Representatives of the team will fly to the SXSW Gaming Event at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas on March 15th. Wishing them the best of luck!  

Introspect Kickstarter

The Clockwork Giants launched their Kickstarter Campaign yesterday (23rd January) seeking to raise $20k to support ongoing development of their Introspect title. 

The team have put a huge amount of work into getting the campaign together and creating a set of meaningful rewards for backers of the project. 

The project has immediately been picked up by Kickstarter in the 'Projects We Love' section under Video Games. You can jump on and support them too!

2017 Teams Have Been Selected!

Congratulations to the Clockwork Giants, No Bark Studios and Team Ragequit

Seven formidable teams entered this year and the quality was some of the best we have seen to date. 

A formal pitch session was hosted on the 10th November, and our esteemed panel of judges heard each team make the case as to why they should be selected in the programme. 

The winning teams have all settled into the MDS Studios Lab and are making impressive progress!

The Clockwork Giants

Introspect is a fast-paced third-person boss rush shooter that's all about darting around massive mechanical bosses and out-maneuvering them to take them down. By sliding, grappling and super-jumping, players are able to challenge huge threats with an unprecedented level of speed and verticality.                                                             

No Bark Studios

Night Light is a first person shooter horror game. Set in an old abandoned hospital where experiments on the patients went horribly wrong. You must collect keys and use generator powered lights to defeat and out maneuver the monsters that are there. Find the torch to stun the monsters and power up the generator to fight your way out!

RageQuit Studios

SRC: Sprint Robot Championship is a science fiction racing game that combines sprinting with parkour free running. Players can sprint, dash, jump and slide across a wide range of tracks. Set the fastest times by finding the optimal path to take while avoiding the many track challenges, by jumping and crouching over and under obstacles. There is no speed limit!